Diaspora Project

The Cavan Diaspora project gives us a chance to step forward and extend the hand of friendship to the thousands of people who may wish to shape the future of Cavan, no matter where they live.

Diaspora Project

Cavan is a county with a significant Diaspora population. We recognise the many opportunities for communication, networking and partnership for the vibrant community of Cavan living at home in Ireland and across the globe.

Our community is made up of people from every walk of life with a link to Cavan in some way, by ancestry, through business or community connections as well as friendship. We acknowledge the importance of sustaining this unique Diaspora, creating a platform that deliberately connects with and supports this diverse community of people. As well as reaching out to the Diaspora abroad, there is huge potential for local communities to reach out to their own diasporas to build new relationships to benefit local development.

The offer from Cavan is strong - stunning landscapes, vibrant sporting communities, proud heritage, incredible culture and a skilled workforce. Geographically, Cavan has great links to the West, to Northern Ireland and to Dublin.

This diaspora engagement programme will create authentic pathways for communication by strategically reaching out to members of the County’s Diaspora.