Cavan as a Business Location

Cavan as a Business Location


Given its strategic geographical location, and the wide array of education, health and social amenities it offers, Cavan is a county which provides an excellent quality of life. With an abundance of skilled labour and a pool of well-educated and eager young people, Cavan has seen its population increase by over 4% (to 76,092) over the period 2011 to 2016 ( results of 2016 census).

The designation of Cavan town as a development hub under the National Spatial Strategy acted as a spur to development and expansion in the County. Cavan town is the County Town and a principle centre in the North Midlands.

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Situated on an important junction of two national routes, to Dublin and Belfast, Cavan is a gateway to and from Northern Ireland and is also a pivotal point on the east-west route to be developed between Dundalk and Sligo. While the southern area is now identified as being within the greater Dublin commuter belt, it has retained its unspoiled and attractive environment relatively free from traffic congestion.  Read More...